oriana gliessman

Episode 52: For Realz with Dr. Michelle

Awkward, informative, fun, or funny?!?  Always, all of the above!  We talk about the path, the process, what led to it, and well, what now?  Why didn’t I just buy the fancy red sports car during my midlife crisis??  This will be the last show as we close out the first season – 52 episodes!  I will be taking a 2 month break before we return on 2/24/22.  If you’re loving the podcast, don’t forget to rate it, write a great review, or follow me on instagram or facebook! 

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Episode 44: Book Club: Dying to Be Me, with Oriana Gliessman

In this episode, Oriana Gliessman and I hold our first book club meeting!  We discuss Anita Moorjani’s memoir, Dying to Be Me.  It’s the book I most recommended to my patients to read, as a doctor working in primary care.  What if we can all take a more active role in choosing our authentic life experiences, without experiencing a near-death experience to get there!?!  Dying to Be Me is about Anita’s near-death experience and how she has chosen to live differently, having almost died.  Anita also brings up her spontaneous remission from stage 4 lymphoma. When I first read her book, I was truly impacted by how she was going to live, having almost died, and, well, it shook me.  I started to wonder why I was wasting precious time, how we can all choose to live differently, if we are less afraid.   I also pondered the fact that there are some things the practice of medicine cannot explain. Although spontaneous remissions are rare, there exist documented cases that have been published in medical journals throughout the world.  I’m not sure how they can happen.  For Anita, her getting sick and healing from her illness was very much a part of her spiritual journey, weaving the tapestry of her life, and, in turn, affecting all of ours. Join us in this fun discussion as we talk about this fascinating book!

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Episode 33: Cocooning with Oriana Gliessman

On today’s episode, my friend Oriana Gliessman talks to us about her life, as she has been separated from her husband for over a year, and they have decided to end their marriage. In this thoughtful, insightful, and honest conversation, she uses the caterpillar metaphor of cocooning to describe her life right now: focusing her energy on getting to know herself again, discovering her own needs and wants, forging her path to her happiness. Cocooning is the process of enveloping or surrounding yourself in a protective and comforting way, insulated from perceived danger. Who would you become?

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