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April 14, 2022

Episode 59: Redemption and Renewal with Rabbi Eli Cohen

On today’s episode, we have Rabbi Eli Cohen on the show again to talk with us about Passover, as it brings up the powerful theme of redemption. The holiday commemorates freedom and justice for all.

Passover is centered around the retelling of the biblical story of the Jewish people being freed from slavery in Egypt.  The holiday is so rich in symbolism and meaning, as it incorporates themes of springtime, homeland, family, Jewish history, social justice, and freedom.  The central ritual of Passover is the Seder, which is a ritual packed feast with symbolic foods, intended to help the Jewish people relive God’s great redemptive act.  The overarching theme of Passover is redemption – the divine redemption of the Israelites for the understanding of God, divine morality, and ethics. 

I’m really honored to have Rabbi Eli back on the show, to talk with us about redemption and renewal, as we can all think about how we can celebrate our freedom and the profound meaning it has on all of our lives.  

You can find Rabbi Eli Cohen at cysantacruz.com.

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Episode 59: Redemption and Renewal with Rabbi Eli Cohen