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April 7, 2022

Episode 58: Healthful Eating with Jonathan Miller

We have a super fun conversation today, as Jonathan Miller is on the show to talk about healthful food.  He brings up the impact of globalization on food and how it’s changed how we eat.  It’s certainly a reminder how the convenience and availability of food doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for us.  And he describes to us what real eating is! I promise you, he’s going to inspire you such that you’re going to want to make more one pot wonders, for your health!

Jonathan Miller is a personal chef cooking for clients in the central coast area. He has been cooking healthful, vegetable-forward, seasonal food for over 15 years, and less healthful but still tasty food even longer than that! Though he claims his favorite bean is the Good Mother Stallard bean, it’s actually impossible to have a favorite since almost all beans are delicious!    

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Episode 58: Healthful Eating with Jonathan Miller