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March 10, 2022

Episode 54 – Roman Catholic Womenpriests with Dr. Chris Fahrenbach

I guess we’re going there today. And it’s a hella interesting conversation!  

And as Dr. Chris Fahrenbach says in the interview, “If you can’t talk about something…Why is that?”

I am a Catholic. And I don’t understand why Womenpriests are not formally accepted. As a Catholic, I often find myself at a crossroads.  When I feel lost, confused, or really sad, going into a church makes me feel safe and heard.  As a child, we started to attend church as our family started to fall apart. Although I believe God exists everywhere, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a place of worship, sometimes that faith is more obvious to me in a church or in the woods.  Although I feel called to the Catholic faith, I am tolerant of all religions, as I believe, to each his or her own. As much as the church comforts me, I don’t agree with everything the it teaches. For example, why can’t women be priests? Why can’t priests marry?

On today’s episode, Dr. Chris Fahrenbach, a psychologist here in Santa Cruz, CA, talks with us about Roman Catholic Womenpriests, as she, herself, is one. And, well, I can’t hide my adoration for Dr. Fahrenbach. She is so thoughtful and introspective as she guides us into this discussion. Join us! To learn more, goto romancatholicwomenpriests.org

Lost or Found
Lost or Found
Episode 54 - Roman Catholic Womenpriests with Dr. Chris Fahrenbach