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March 3, 2022

Episode 53: Emotionally Immature Parents with Cierra Ryczek

We’re baaaaaaack!!  Season 2 begins today!  Hello!  Welcome!  We’ve missed you!!

On today’s episode, my friend Cierra Ryczek and I discuss Lindsay Gibson’s book, Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents.  Even the title made me pause, because, well, it feels like a gigantic dose of reality.  Like a bit of vomit plus a good cry.  It’s definitely an Ouch (plus probably a couple of expletives).  The book teaches us that emotionally immature parents cause emotional neglect and rejection, which have long term effects, with the reality that our parents could have been toxic.  But she says that this neglect wasn’t about us, it was about them.  If you’ve felt lonely as a child, join us in this interesting and super fun conversation as we try to begin to understand.  Two women together in a room, who have experienced emotional loneliness as children – who are not going to continue to live that way as adults.  Spiritual Gangsters, we are!

You can find Cierra and her beautiful store at lumengal.com.

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Episode 53: Emotionally Immature Parents with Cierra Ryczek