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December 23, 2021

Episode 52: For Realz with Dr. Michelle

On today’s episode, Oriana Gliessman asks ME questions!  It definitely feels different not being the one to ask the questions, but the one answering them.  Awkward, informative, fun, or funny?!?  Always, all of the above!  We talk about the path, the process, what led to it, and well, what now?  Why didn’t I just buy the fancy red sports car during my midlife crisis??  This will be the last show as we close out the first season – 52 episodes!  I will be taking a 2 month break before we return on 2/24/22.  If you’re loving the podcast, don’t forget to rate it, write a great review, or follow me on instagram or facebook!  

Thank you to all my listeners!  I am so grateful to all of you who are listening.  Thank you for letting me into your lives, and, hopefully, together we feel more courage than fear, we laugh more than we cry, we feel more faith than doubt, more hope than despair, and more light than darkness.

Thank you to my amazing website designer, wonderful and very competent friend, Katherine Hallissy Ayala at CodeByKatherine.  I am so grateful you chose to take a chance with me!

And thank you to my fantastic and utterly professional Sound Producer, Will Mitchell at Hands on Sound.  You make sound hella amazing, and thank you for aiding me on my journey as a podcaster.

Lost or Found
Episode 52: For Realz with Dr. Michelle