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Lost or Found- Reincarnation


The first book in spirituality I ever read was Dr. Brian Weiss’ book- Many Lives, Many Masters. ⁠

I was so shocked by this book that I read it in half a day. It freaked me out so much, that I couldn’t sleep for 2 weeks. My thinking changed.

Dr. Michelle Choi, Lost or Found

Asian Sleeping @ Fenway

I’m not sure if he knows this, but I’ve dozed off at so many games, AT the stadium.

Dr. Michelle Choi, MD

Not Crazy

Before I quit my job, I read many books written by other MDs, to try to persuade myself I wasn’t the only crazy one. ⁠

Dr. Michelle Choi, Big Sur

Big Sur Bathroom

Recently, I drove down to Big Sur for an interview. And it came at a time, when I felt like I had emerged from a period of real self doubt in my chosen path, when things had started to feel okay again – even if momentarily.

Loving Your Unique Body

Loving Your Unique Body

The poet Mary Oliver said, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Racial Injustices in Medicine

One of the saddest things that I read about recently, was the story of 2 young black sisters with sickle cell disease, who both suffered strokes. (See the full article here.) The suffering of these girls is so frustrating because these strokes are 90% preventable.⁠⁠

Lifestyle is Prevention

One of the biggest ironies in the practice of medicine is that there is very little focus on prevention.

The Diamond Inside of Us

As a primary care doc, sometimes I would tell this story to plant a seed of hope in my patients- that perhaps their lives can go differently, if they choose.