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Meet Michelle

Dr. Michelle Choi, Lost or Found
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Dr. Michelle Choi, MD

Writer and Host

I quit my job as a medical doctor to become a podcaster.  

I am a doctor, mother, wife, and friend, who is in search for what it actually means to live a life that is healthier, happier, and more fulfilled.  I graduated from Wellesley College, received my medical degree from the State University of New York at Downstate, and completed my residency in Internal Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.  

For most of my career I worked in the inpatient setting as a Hospital-based specialist, and then worked in the Primary care setting, before making the major life decision to leave my traditional career as a doctor.  In my career, I’ve worked with the very sick, but also have had the chance to see patients in the outpatient setting.  I do not believe that we are doing enough to get to the underlying causes of what is causing illness.  And the way in which healthcare is structured in our nation, if doctors simply don’t have time to talk with our patients, whom are we really helping?  

After years of frustration, I decided to leave the career I’ve worked my whole life for, in search of what may contribute to our feeling whole.  I believe that we all have the capacity to be who we really are, not just a whiff of who we are.  And perhaps by being honest with ourselves, can we unlock the key to our own healing, and find our path to a meaningful life.

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